Congresses & seminars
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  • HD / 3D Screening

    HD / 3D Screening

    Mastering the complete chain : from the video shooting to the public screening in your conference room.
  • Conference sound system

    Conference sound system

    Solutions adapted to the importance of your event.
  • Digital interactive board

    Digital interactive board

    For every participant to see live the annotations of the speaker.
  • Video recording and editing

    Video recording and editing

    Video recording and editing of your conference on all media.
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A successful conference requires audiovisual technical skills to enhance the dynamics of any exposition, a presentation or a demonstration. For this, we provide you innovative equipment.

These technologies allow you to use various media such as PowerPoint presentations or video demo (which can be prepared by us), and increase interactivity with your audience. For professionalism, available equipment and its specific approach to this environment, Artcast is the appropriate company for your needs in the medical field!