Your event recording
  1. Vous enregistrez votre intervention dans les conditions du direct
  2. Diffusion ultérieure avec commentaires en live

Make your event available all over the world whenever you need ! Artcast Medical owns the neccessary equipment to capture your surgery in the oprerating room.

Your video is processed in post-production with titles and graphic elements integration to allow your support to be the most didactic.

Broadcast your video whenever you want on a dedicated platform, with public or private and secure access. You can add other dynamic functionalities like real time comments for example. The delivery platform can be adjusted according to your needs to provide you the desired interactivity level.

captation par des professionnels

Capture your surgery in operating room
by experienced profesionnals


Titles and graphic elements integration
(didactic audiovisual media)

acces dans le monde entier

Your event available worldwide live !


(iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC ...)

Interactive quetions

moderator system : interactive
questions during live event

adaptive quality

quality video according to
available bandwidth

worldwide network

Streaming ensured by
thousands of servers
all over
5 continents

personalised website

Dedicated website to event,
and flexible

replay access

Access to replay after the event

secured server

Safe server system
backup transmission