Live Surgery
You operate, we broadcast in 3D, 2D, HD, Internet


Your live surgery wherever you wish.
Medical Standards


Cameras compliant with medical standards requirements.
Respect of aseptic rules in operating areas.
HD & 3D

HD & 3D

Modern broadcast solutions to grab your audience's attention.
Already specialized in HD live surgery broadcast for several years, Artcast Medical pushes technology further by proposing today retransmission of surgery in 3D, in high definition, and live!

Video diffusion management

Video diffusion management to the conference room, a distant location or foreign country.

Interactive communication

Throughout the event, you can communicate and exchange between the audience room and the operating room for a dynamic course and greater responsiveness.

HD transmission

Locally or to a remote site, regardless of the room location from the audience, Artcast sets up the appropriate way to transfer information for optimal image quality.

Broadcast mixer

With modern and efficient equipment, we can handle many video sources: camera provided by us or already established, (scialytic, dome...), endoscope, shine amp, or video launched from a recorder, powerpoint, patient data...

Supervising the entire project

Using various competences, Artcast manages your project from the idea to its final completion.

Your live on all medias

The live can be recorded and delivered in any media (internet video for communication, DVD or Blu Ray for a didactic course). For your 3D live surgery (which can be converted in 2D), we can provide you the video in the needed format for web diffusion, compatible with all 3D technologies (anaglyph, passive, active). We can also ensure the conception and duplication of 3D Blu Ray.